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out of date, hick-ish
nigga take off those overalls. you look country!
by apriletta November 20, 2003
66 170
A type of music that has no rythem, and takes no talent whatsoever. Most country songs sing about trucks, fucking there sisters, beating there wife, drinking beer (probably busch) and watching Nascar.
That group of hicks there love that shitty ass country music
by Kid named Ryan C March 14, 2007
86 203
fuck it terrible shit if you want music go listen to nofx
anything than fucking country music
i went to the warp tour and heard nofx
play seperation of chruch and skate and was blown the fuck away
stop singing songs about girls and love!!!!!! no more can be said abotu that
by operation ivy February 03, 2005
73 231