The reason the world hates each other.
Egad! A country! Blow it up, Smith!
by B-Drac July 29, 2003
a style of music that is pretty much deadd....the good old country music was supposed to be, a big tough biker dude with a les paul, singing about his girl, or about girls in general, and getting drunk. now, it has turned into some whiny 22 year old bitch singing about her feelings.....
some teenage girl: yeah country is good, i like carrie underwood, taylor swift, you know, the good stuff.
Real Country fan: nooo! Big & rich!!!
by rockerfandude February 08, 2007
Adjective, a way to describe someone. Commonly thought derogatory in nature (ie slow, backward, etc). However, it is actually an enormous compliment. It means easy going, well liked, very respected.
Staff member 1: did you hear who they're sending to our office to work for 3 months?
Staff member 2: yes, Ms. Jenn!! I'm so excited I'm buying a notebook just to write down the brilliant things she says.
Staff member 1: I know! Me too cuz she's so country.
by GetTherapy September 29, 2009
the best damn music in the world
i love country music
by shania October 20, 2003
One of the worst music genres ever. It consists of auto tuned cowboy hat and boot donning rednecks with an acoustic, and a shitty backup band behind it all. All the lyrics seem to just spew the definition of stupid, half the songs talk about pickup trucks, tractors, Jesus, and basically everything 50 years behind the modern world found down South. Country back in the western days was really the only form of music available to people living in the open fields, and you really couldn't blame them with what little they had. But when it mixed with some modern technology and went mainstream, it sounded less historic and more dumbass.
We are not what you call over-comers
We are failures each and every one
We’re the kind who will always need a Saviour
The kind who play country dumb
The kind who play country dumb

Last thing we need is broadcasted Jehovahs witnesses.
by YALE70 April 21, 2013
A term of endearment. A way to let someone know that you are fond of them.
Person 1: I hear you'll be leaving us soon.
Idol: yes, it's been a pleasure working with you though.
Person 1: no, the pleasure was mine. You're so country.
Idol: aaww...thank you.
by YoureGonnaMissMe September 29, 2009
The best music ever until the mid '90s. Reba, Dolly, Loretta, Alan, Porter; they're the best. The late Patsy Cline and Dottie West too. Now it is watered down and might was well merge with pop.
Also used to describe a person with sense enough not to become immoral with the rest of the world.
I love old country music, but new country needs to die.

There are sadly few country people in today's society.
by Rachael September 26, 2004
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