A region of the world. With it's own goverment.
USA, Norway, and India
tacky, played out and overall whack styles that loser try to rock but they just look stupid
Someone decked out in Ed Hardy clothing, or someone who wears sunglasses at night, and tucks their shirt behind their belt buckle, that's country.
by elgrande January 04, 2011
Is a form of acting over excited about something or someone.
Damn, Every time that girl calls you, U act all country and shit
by StarrStudded February 01, 2009
Music that nobody likes.
Guy: "So what kind of music do you like?"

Girl: "Everything except country."

Guy: "Me too!"
by seamOn April 07, 2008
Adj, Used to describe something that is corny or un-kewl.
"That Neon your boy is driven is soo country with that huge muffler and hubcaps."
by pledet October 03, 2005
An insult.
A person, generally African American, who grew up or now lives in the rural deep south.
A person, generally African American, who is not sophisticated.
Keshia thinks she all that living in LA but she's just country.
by Robert April 15, 2004
The worst music ever invented.

Country Music Characteristics: Hicks, Chew, Moonshine, Trucks, Dock Martins, Cowboys, Fags in general...
Hick: I like's me some country
Me: *pulls out shotgun and shoots hick in face*
by Third_Eye May 29, 2008
not only is it one of the shitest forms of music, but it is also the place where the only people that listen to its crap live!! i dont see how there are more then one country singer cause all of the songs containe the same crapy ass shit.!! :p
If you play a country song backwards do you know what happens??
you get your truck back, your dog comes back to life, you get your job back, your wife comes home ect. ect.
by me!!in real life April 22, 2008

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