Similar to a blumpkin, whereby a male taking a crap receives a blowjob, only this time it's from his sister.
Country blumpkin

"George, how larng are you going to be in that bathroom? The cow needs milking."
"Sorry Mavis, oi'm just saying g'boi to me sister afore she AAARRRHGGHHH oi told you nart to use yer teeth ya mangy old panhandler! Yer as bad as mother!"
by Duderer June 07, 2006
Top Definition
a country blumpkin is a variation of the blumpkin, where the recipient of the head giving is sitting in an outhouse instead of a toilet (and the person performing the fellatio is usually a sister or a cousin).
Cletus: "Ellie May, come out to th' shitter 'n give me a country blumpkin!"

Ellie May: "Well shit, I already gave Paw a country blumpkin! You'll have to wait 'til after supper!"
by GoldTeefs September 09, 2006
Defined as receiving a blumpkin--getting oral sex while having a bowel movement--in an outhouse.
While in the outhouse, Todd received a country blumpkin from his girlfriend and decided she was the one.
by Kyle MD April 28, 2005
The Country Blumpkin is when you receive oral sex from your sister while you're "dropping the kids off at the pool".
Cletus gladly washed his sister's trailer for a Country Blumpkin.
by Bad Monkey May 06, 2004
n. the receiving of a blumpkin in an outhouse
uncle earl shit his pants when he opened the outhouse door and saw daisy mae giving junior a country blumpkin
by alexandrob August 23, 2004
Sitting out in your rikity old shitter pinching out a loaf while getting a blow job while your dog watches!
Cletus: "Yo' ma! i gotta shit! Come her and put yer kissing tools on my baby maker"

Ma: "Dang, Cletus! Thats yur third turd t'day!"
by Rusty Shackelford March 30, 2004
An off-shoot of the famous Blumpkin (getting head while taking a shit) but performed in an outhouse. Porto-potties are an acceptable substitute, provided the location is rural.
"Uncle Cooter done got a Country Blumpkin from Mary Jane Rottencrotch last night"
by Texas Haz June 13, 2008
To receive a blumpkin while using an outhouse.
I received the best country blumpkin in kentucky.
by Ceegeezy December 19, 2006

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