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Similar to a blumkin, where a man receives a blowjob from woman while taking a monstrous shit. The only difference being that the entire operation takes place in an outhouse.
After a hard day of digging potatoes on the farm, Matt was happier than a pig in shit to receive a country blumkin from his bitch.
by Allcaps99 August 27, 2009
the act of giving fellatio while the receiver is taking a crap in an outhouse
my wife gave me a country blumkin while visiting the hatfeilds in Eastern Kentucky.
by Ryan Kreevil December 18, 2008
The term BLumkin is when a man is sitting on the toilet taking a shit. And has his woman come in and give him head during the act of shitting.

Same as above but while performing in an outhouse.

A Country blumkin is the act of getting a blumkin in an outhouse.
by nonone October 06, 2006