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v. The further action of a cock block, it is the action of cock blocking someone, and then adding further disgrace by having intercourse with the girl that the first male was planning to have intercourse with. It can also be expanded through the addition of further 'counter's or 'anti's.

n. One who commits or has committed the act of counter-cocking.
1. I was chilling with this phat biatch the other night, hoping to score, and this punk-ass bastard walked in and started to fuck her right in front of me! I just couldn't believe how fast I got counter-cocked.

1. (alternate) So this bastard tried to counter-cock me, but the bitch I was about to screw moved towards me. The bastard got mad counter-counter-cocked.

2. After the prostitute was screwed by the random guy who walked in, he was nicknamed the counter-cock.
by Yatz January 31, 2005
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The act of a male pressing against a counter, which is of course at a strategic height so as to pronounce his penile unit through his pants, preferably sweat pants or other drapey garment. (i.e. athletic shorts, acrylic, nylon, etc.)
Oh my god, Emily, did you see that last custie? He had CounterCock for DAYS! You KNOW he was smuggling a venti down there!!!
by SoftLaunchingMissiles August 05, 2009
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