A mod for Half life. A good game, other than respawning.
I wish the respawn in counter strike didn't suck.
by Kmic March 16, 2003
A wildly popular internet team based game with two basic teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a very good game, nor is it very fun. It gained great popularity because it is a free modification on the aging game Half-life and required no one to upgrade their hardware or purchase a new software. Unlike other fun games, the winners of this game are typically the players who sit quietly in one spot for hours waiting for others to walk in front of them so they can shoot them effortlessly. While this tactic may seem ridiculous, it captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of under skilled loser gamers, making it the most popular online game by a large margin.

Related terms: Gamer
Loser gamers are often quite fond of playing Counterstrike.
by PENIX May 29, 2009
The most played first person shooter that now has been upgraded with the source engin.
counterstrike is better than all other fag games that tommy plays, screw you hackers except drake.
by fatass February 16, 2005
A MOD for half life. A fairly decent game, ruined by its comunity and often too simple for players of "better" mods, such as DoD and FA.

It is often to find a clan server who consider themselfs great, who are beat by a new clan and then make up bullshit and fail to come up with evidence to prove that said clan was being abusive towards female gamers.

Often clans will have an inferiority complex and ban anyone who dare to call anyone a poof for camping and wasting everybodies time, when face with better oponents they will make up tales of abuse to get them banned and secure there league position.
-=npa=- : they where saying they where gonna rape us..

Better clan : its a widly accepted gaming term (seeraped)

-=npa=- ok we'll show you the logs that say they where being abusive

Better clan : ok then

-=npa=- *sees the logs prove otherwise, says he hasnt got time and wants the better clan benned anyways*

Better clan : stupid fucking children, got beat did you?
by PooP May 05, 2004
Built on an outdated engine, this game was relatively good for a time. Then, millions of immature 12 year olds flocked to play it, ruining it for those who enjoyed the game. Oh, and it looks like shit too.

Might be good on the HL2 engine if they develop for it.
Remember Counter Strike?
Dude, wasn't that like 5 years ago now?
by haze January 03, 2004
half-life mod (Sierra) FPS run around with guns Terrorist and Counter Terrorist forces' fight
im going home to play counter strike for 5 hours staright because im sad
by Matty (A*B) November 25, 2002
CS is a modification for the action game Half-Life and now Half Life 2.

It's intended to have realistic game play, as it divides players in a terrorist team and a counter-terrorist team, with realistic weapons.

However, it completely fails to be either fun, or realistic, as its physics are so poorly designed, people only play it because they're addicted to its "intermittent rewarding" system, the basic concept behind gambling.

Namely, if you manage to win a round, you feel good, but you only win from time to time, so you end up playing even if you're terrible at it, even if your team sucks, even if you have better things to do, or play.

The game has such horrible mechanics, that you can get hits on enemies that are literally, on the edge of the screen, so there should be no way to hit them that far.

You could be having the crosshair right over an enemy's chest and when you shoot, all of your bullets can miss!

A bizarre, annoying way to win is to aim at the ground in front of you and spray bullets, they will end up hitting enemies in the head, despite the fact you were aiming at the ground.

Be sure to check yourself and see if you're addicted to this game. If you are, stop playing immediately.

Some players have god-like skills and can kill whole teams by themselves, however, they have nothing else going on in their lives and will probably die alone.

The only ways to win are to have dumb luck, be on the same team as the players who have been playing for years and to play for many years yourself, have no social life, no sex and no fun, for years and years, until you have the necessary reflexes, or until you learn the "shoot at the ground" way to win.
I can't believe how he could shoot me in the head when he's got no telescope and I'm this far away and running! this can only happen in counterstrike

counterstrike blows, I'm gonna go back to TF2

I had the crosshairs on his back, I shot a burst and missed with all bullets, then he turned around and killed me in one shot! I hate counterstrike

How can he headshot them all with that machine gun while they're all shooting at him, counterstrike is so imbalanced

I stabbed him in the head but he turned around and shot me, only in counterstrike...
by Rova June 28, 2009

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