Popular Half-life mod.
I am going to go play cs.
by csPWNSj00 August 14, 2003
The best friggin' online game ever. Extremely popular in mainland China, in which the players are mostly mature high school students that speak english. Names like "fuck awp" and "Wo Cao" (chinese) are popular. Random english words are also popular. !!!!!!17 iceworld is the most played CS game in china. Too bad it's not for mac, cuz i got one, and since ive returned to Cali, i cant play
cousin, "goddamn, im on fire!"
(gets killed by awp after killin for 6 rounds)
cousin, "aw man. your turn."
me, "shit, who dares shoot me!? im unstoppable"
(gets killed by headshot frm deagle aftr killin' for 6 rounds)
(repeat as until server quits, or we die nonstop)
by BlessU August 21, 2005
Counter-Strike is the game where if you are able to kill somebody, you must be a hacker.
*Pro kills n00b with a headshot from Desert Eagle*
Pro: Just because I killed you doesn't mean that I'm a hacker... Maybe you should just learn to play Counter-Strike properly?
*Admin bans Pro*
by teh_reaperer September 29, 2006
The best online game of all time. Often put down by people who tried to play, got pissed off because they sucked, and quit. Combines reflexes and strategy.
Oh man, I must have played Counter-strike for six hours yesterday.
by Tyler May 23, 2003
originally a free downloadable mod, but Valve bought out and charged people to buy. A game where you die even with full health and armour from a guy camping and sniping you from 2 miles away, it would be ok if he headshot you, but it seems 'Armour' in the game is a thin layer of paper that couldnt even protect you from a water pistol, then you have to wait the whole game until your faggy team mates capture/kill/whatever their objective. The whole point of a multyplayer game is to play, not wait 20 mins before you can respawn.

Oh and did i meantion wallhackers and hostile elitists? Counterstrike is just a breeding ground for obnoxious 12 year olds who think they can play online games, try UT or Quake 3 and prepare to get '0WN3D'
I hate Counter strike
by Ben2k9 February 18, 2006
Game filled with complainers, wall hackers, and nerds. Has bad graphics.

Has a mascot that says BOOM! Head Shot!
Counter Strike Terriorsit: Terriost's Win!
by Smedy June 27, 2006
I total multiplayer FPS where its terrorists against anti-terrorists.

Good game, now slightly dated.
whos got the bomb...give me the bomb hurry

noobs are funny on train yard...they think theres only one bomb point
by Zepth August 19, 2004

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