Counterstrike is the first add-on pack for Command & Conquer: Red Alert. It adds new units to Red Alert such as Wonderdogs and Super Jets, as well as giving players new missions and unlocking the secret of the Ant Missions hinted at in the original Red Alert manual.
No, not Counter-Strike, the wildly-popular Half-Life modification. Counterstrike. For Red Alert.
by Joseph D. Collins May 01, 2005
modification of half life where players either play as terrorists or counter terrorists. played mainly by 12 year old rejects with no social life or skills. customizable weapons, maps models and sprays do not differ from options avilible in half life. extremely over rated and repetitive game which should only appeal to gamers with the I.Q of a lima bean. players of counter strike (cs) tend to be aggresive, social outcasts whom normally spend from 2-12 hours playing cs. cs mappers tend to be selfish brats whom see themselves as "more important" than regular cs players. their maps tend to turn out laggy, empty and featuring custom textures displaying the mappers name. see the words 1337 l33t h4xx0r cs geek g33kclan and prick
<many websites are availible for reference, so i wont bother with a sample here>
by ministeve July 22, 2004
1) A situation that occurs when members of the counting occupation refuse to work, usually to demand higher wages and/or better treatment.
2) The action of hitting one's hand against a level surface used to serve food or trade goods and services.
3) The deletion of enumerative information.
4a) In baseball, a pitched ball not being hit fair, in response to a similar action taken by the opposing team.
b) In bowling, the action of knocking down all ten pins in response to an opponent doing so.
1) "Yo Rahul, I hear the counters are on strike."
2) "Rahul why are you striking your hand on the counter."
3) "Rahul strike the score counter for the last round, I was away."
4) "Hey Rahul that guy just made a strike. You better make a counter strike to even the score back up."
by boobs July 28, 2003
The worst thing to happen to humanity since Runescape. Fan Boys will play this game for hours on end while drinking bawls or Red Bull. And then will accuse everyone who beats them at it of being a hacker.
Words can't express my hate of this game.
by iwannabeanalcoholic May 17, 2005
A game that's the best fragger/strategic combination to date. Washed up 40 year olds like to trash it and say that Rainbow Six is better because they can't kill anybody. If you're so interested in realism, go join the military. The rest of us are going to play ***GAMES*** because they're ***GAMES***.
Hi, I'm an idiot that doesn't like Counter-Strike because I'm a snotty washed-up 40 year old, who needs to get laid.
by Infor Mation April 24, 2004
FPS game for people with shitty computers. Almost all of the players buy AWPs and kill other AWPers and teamwork is nonexistant. Wooooooo......
God damn awp bitch.....kill you with my KNIFE!
by lpmofo September 01, 2003
This game was cool when it was underground. From BETA 2.5-7.0 it owned. Now, that it is "cool" it sucks.
Timmy played counterstrike because nobody knew about it. Then Todd, Jim, Wendy, and Bill started playing and Timmy got mad, so he popped the others melons' with his AWP.
by osiris679 March 19, 2003

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