1. To beat someone in something (game, race, etc.) who was previously beating (or "raping") you.

2. To "turn the tables"
1) "We were down 0 to 21 in the third quarter of the football game when suddenly, we cam back and got 28 points in the same quarter!"

"Man, we totally Counterraped them!"

by Kelaina November 04, 2009
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counter rape is when you are in a rape situation but in your own defends you take control and rape them back harder in an attempt to teach the rapist a lesson (don't do to others what you would not want done to your self)
Alex "what happen to you"

Carla "mike tried to rape me"

Alex " no way are you ok"
Carla "yer i pulled the counter rape and he ran away"
by oedipus ;) March 20, 2011
–noun, the unlawful compelling of a man through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse upon being in response to a failed attempt on yourself.
Guy 1: I lost my building key so I slept on a bench on Figueroa last night.
Guy 2: Did you get raped?
Guy 1: Of course, but i counter-raped and now I'm going to take a shower.
by whitendirty November 21, 2008

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