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What causes you to cough when you inhale while drinking strong Ginger Ale or eating strong Buffalo Wings.
Person 1: Jeez! These wings are HOT! I can't even get them in my mouth without coughing.
Person 2: It must be the cough gas
by Canada Dry May 05, 2004
7 5
same as the other ones but add luke and correct grammar....
GROUP-LUKE-TOTALLY-guyS this is the correct spelling of the words and the missing member.
by PISSY WALLOW April 23, 2004
1 2
a groop of 7 guy that are toatly awesome in every way
nick, john, chad, erik, chris, and matt
(all my homies)
by Mr.coughga March 19, 2004
1 4
same as the other but add Luke
hey you forgot Luke
by Matt Patt March 21, 2004
2 8