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What causes you to cough when you inhale while drinking strong Ginger Ale or eating strong Buffalo Wings.
Person 1: Jeez! These wings are HOT! I can't even get them in my mouth without coughing.
Person 2: It must be the cough gas
by Canada Dry May 05, 2004
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same as the other ones but add luke and correct grammar....
GROUP-LUKE-TOTALLY-guyS this is the correct spelling of the words and the missing member.
by PISSY WALLOW April 23, 2004
a groop of 7 guy that are toatly awesome in every way
nick, john, chad, erik, chris, and matt
(all my homies)
by Mr.coughga March 19, 2004
same as the other but add Luke
hey you forgot Luke
by Matt Patt March 21, 2004

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