Young man who typically has trouble scoring with women his own age.
The weakest member of the group makes himself feel better by referring to himself as a "cougar hunter."
by SexiVanessi October 22, 2009
Top Definition
a younger man that likes to go after older women.
i have had 3 milf's i am a cougar hunter.
by brian seattle September 29, 2006
A man who specifically targets cougars as the object of his sexual desire. A cougar hunter is not to be confused with a cougar hawk as he does not posses the refinement nor does he achieve the success of the cougar hawk. He is the the apprentice to the cougar hawk master.
That cougar hunter Bill has potential, he got a number out of that mountain lion but that cougar totally burned him.
by Mr. Herb September 19, 2007
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