University of washington student's slang to describe any bad situation or action. (rooted in the rivalry with wazzu cougars)
wow, you really couged that one!
c'mon, dont be such a coug about it...
by bethann June 09, 2005
Top Definition
To blow a game when victory is almost certain, especially in the 4th quarter. Term made popular by a college football team in the northwest that blows games with consistancy.
WSU couged another one and lost 38-35 after leading by 31 points at the end of the 3rd quarter.
by Elmo2 December 04, 2005
Name for all students and alumni at Washington State University (only the best damb school ever). The loudest school per student.
Little Sister to Older Sister: I want to go to WSU because those cougs are so awesome
by coug princess March 17, 2007
To blow an almost certain win in the 4th quarter
Did you see WSU coug that 30-16 lead at half against the Beavers?
by E.P. October 02, 2005
Koog-s. A group or pack of cougers, usually lead by the Cougula or alpha-couger. Mature women that prowl through 18+ clubs, resteraunts, and grocery stores in search of young men. See cub, Whole-Foods
Dude, I went to Whole-Foods and there were hella cougs there! One of them, I think it was the Cougula, bought me a sandwhiche and then gave me a ride in her red convertable!
by Deadwait March 01, 2009
Verb, To Coug.

The act of an older woman hitting on or flirting with a much younger man.
Kevin: Dude, that 40 something was cougin' on you so hard last night!

Eric: I don't want to talk about it...
by It'stoolateformetobeawake January 10, 2010
1. abbr. nickname for Washington State University mascot, the cougar. Also used to define a student or alumni of WSU.
The cougs defeated the University of Washington huskies in football by a score of 28-25. The huskies finished 1-10 on the year.
by Butch T. Cougar June 07, 2005
When a female experiences double nostril penetration. The ultimate form of disrespect.
"Dude, my homie and I totally Couged this chick last night"
by roflwaffle17 February 27, 2010
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