A french -er verb meaning "to have sex". It was derived from the verb "se coucher" meaning "to go to bed" for non-sexual purposes.

The verb was popualrized by the song by Lady Marmalade with lyrics saying "Voulez-vous choucher avec moi? (Ce soir)" which is incorrect as far as grammar goes. The form is used in the polite form, indicating that the two people have never met.

Pronounced like "Koo-shay" and not "Kow-cher".
Tu veux coucher avec moi ce soir?
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by ƤoliticĀll¥_Corrəct October 25, 2009
Top Definition
When a man gets in a fight with his wife/girlfriend, and has to sleep on the couch that night instead of in bed, it's considered a coucher.
Bitch: You don't do anything around here, you're a lazy sack of shit!
Man: I don't work 40 hours a week to listen to you bitch. Why don't YOU get a job?
Bitch: Fuck off.
Man: I guess tonight's a coucher...
#couch #sleeping #sleep #bed #bitch #fight
by Thadanator October 10, 2005
someone that rides a sitdown type PWC (couch). typically clueless and lazy with no athletic abilities. a coucher will typically block the launch ramp with their rig as they stage, instead of pulling to the side to free the ramp (proper etiquette). after launching, they will usually go wide open throttle from the ramp, sending a wake through a no wake zone, thus slamming other vessels into the dock. after zooming at full speed, they will go to the largest group of people they can find and raise their buttocks high in the air as to signal, "hey, look at me... im a coucher!"
"oh, geez... here we go... here come a flock of couchers. protect whats yours."
#sitdown #runabout #pwc #sea-doo #honda #aquatrax #rxp #xp #rxt #sit down #toilet seat
by dicktionary writer February 02, 2010
It's the guy or chick that gets so bombed after a party he or she sleeps on your couch and when you wake up, that person's still there even though you didnt ask them to stay.
Last party I went to, they had a coucher and when I woek up, he stole some soda.
by DarkNova November 28, 2001
A lazy, work eligible, teenager who refuses to work. But instead, lies around on the couch all day.
Jeff is such a coucher; why doesn't he just get a job?


Sallie used to earn money but now she's a coucher.
#sloth #lazy #deadbeat #hard-worker #industrious
by krollie July 01, 2009
A woman with a nice body, specifically a nice posterior, but an ugly face. The term "coucher" is derived from the idea that one would want to fuck a woman like that while she was bent over a couch, so as to avoid looking at her bad parts.

See also butterface or butter face, bag job, brown bag special, and prawn.
"I saw that girl from across the room and she looked pretty hot, but when I got closer I realized she was a total coucher."
by captain shane August 30, 2005
A person who masterbates on the couch while their room mate is home.
When Kyle walked out of his room to get a snack, he found out his roomie Ben was a Coucher.
#masturbate #jerk off #crank one out #beating your meat #spank the monkey
by XXCreed April 30, 2006
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