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a person who chooses to always sleep on the couch rather than their own bed. This person does not sleep on the couch because he/she does not own a bed, but rather in preference for the couch's physical beauty over the bed's internal qualities (i.e. springs, memory foam, or other) and their relationship (proximity of the bed to the couch; this being generally short). Further qualities of this individual is that he/she will sleep on the couch at any time of day not only night; he/she will enjoy quickies (short naps) or extended periods of enjoyment (7-10 hours of sleep).
Shane: "Dude when I woke up this morning for class Mike was sleeping on the couch again!"
Kevin: "Doesn't he have a bed? What a couch slut!"
by shane-o! March 14, 2008
Someone who loves a couch so much that they spend the majority of their day on it.
Mike Haus is a couch slut because he prefers to sleep on the couch instead of his bed.
by yeenigg March 15, 2008
something or someone who sits on a couch (or other seat) as they are groped, fondled, kissed or other physical stimulant without reciprocation, response or rejection for/of the toucher.
"You sat on the couch and let him touch your booty? You couch slut!"
by hollykiwi06 November 20, 2006
A person that is always on the couch.
Man get up and do something you couchslut. Video games are bad for ya.
by Blazeman March 30, 2010
A couch slut is one who takes up an entire couch forcing others to make two decisions. They can either sit on another close by couch, or they may sit ON the couch slut. Couch sluts generally don't understand what it means to be a couch slut, therefor making the whole situation more humerous.
Lauren, you are the defintion of couch slut!
by I think you know who January 18, 2005
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