A venomous snake found in North America. Also known as a water moccasin.
Cottonmouths have nasty bites.
by neitherday April 13, 2009
a dry mouth after smokeing pot. When you spit it is white and looks like cotton.
god damn i have cotton mouth.
by Anonymous September 27, 2003
The state of having a dry mouth, usually occurs as a result of marijuana smoking or slavery.
I got cotton mouth like a slave, yo
by BlaqIsJustAnIdea July 21, 2011
A thick layer of white substance that covers most of your tongue if you're a long-term marijuana user. Causes reduced effectiveness of tastebuds and poor oral hygiene.
"Your tongues's rottin' out from cottonmouth, when you're so dependent on weed you end up spendin' a G in the vending machine."

Been smoking for too long, really bad cottonmouth.
by jwrs50 October 24, 2011
"Cottonmouth" is a mental condition from smoking weed. At a low to mid level high cotton mouth will occur when the mind is being offset by T.H.C. Your mouth is actually wet and you are still salivating, it is just a mind game. At a high level of "highness"(blown), cottonmouth can occur and can lead to dehydration.
dude i have "cottonmouth". dude its your mind playing tricks on you!
by d.j. smaks March 27, 2009
a penis that belongs to someone who will accuse anyone who comes within three feet of him of being after it, and is very protective/proud of it.
Jones: Yo Brian you tyina grab my fat junk?!

Brian: no yo, I just dropped my lighter.

Jones: that's it me and my fat junk aint bouncin around this gay town no more.

Jeff: That's ok Jones nobody wants your dayum Cotton Mouth around here.
by homeskill November 22, 2010
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