used to discribe a once good looking person thats become unattractive, or that someone's appearance has deteriorated. (misusing the word cotton in place of caught; impling that age, drugs, hard living, partying, etc. have 'caught up' with a person's looks
Amy used to be so hot but after having two kids and sitting on her ass all day, now she just cotton
by R. DIGSY March 08, 2006
Top Definition
A white and fluffy plant, commonly picked by negro slaves on plantations in the southern United States in the 1800's. Used to make tee-shirts and other clothing products.
"Get back to pickin' that cotton before I whip your black ass."
by Ryan Deere April 27, 2007
want; accept; appreciate; to put up with; to take kindly to
We don't cotton to insert your favorite racial slur around these parts.
by safojdf May 29, 2010
Latin for bacon (see Natalie Tran's YouTube channel to understand)
"Now I suggest you turn off the steam on the iron and have it on cotton setting to cook the bacon, because we all know that cotton is Latin for bacon."
by natalietranlikesmariahcarey November 23, 2011
word used to describe a small piece of cotton used to draw-up your drug of choice into a syringe. this piece of cotton can be from a cigarette filter(already smoked, or not if you're lucky), from a Q-tip, or it can be pre-made and distributed at a needle exhange.
yo, i need to get some cotton to get off.
by g-ring March 27, 2007
(n.) - a shirt, t-shirt, polo, hoodie, etc.
Now that's some nice looking cotton you got on there!
by BTLS Fan September 21, 2005
A mother fucking PIMP!
OMG there goes Cotton, what a straight up pimp...
by Jeffkills December 05, 2008
That pimp who you know is a pimp and drives a pimpmobile and has pimp jewelry. He's always doing something pimp, representing, etc.
"Dude, Cotton is such a pimp, just look at that pimpmobile!
by reppin806 October 29, 2010
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