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the physical state in which the nasal cavity becomes dehydrated after inhaling smoke. Similar to cotton mouth.
i had a stuffy nose, but now it's gone. it's like cotton mouth in my nose.... COTTON NOSE!
by vitaminwater22 March 27, 2011
When you exhale from your nose and get a dry tingly nose, aka cotton nose. Be aware of other things such as cotton mouth, cotton throat, maybe even cotton ear
"You Guys made me laugh so hard that hot smoke came out my nose, got fucking cotton nose" - Anna
by Zoannakasemoosar August 30, 2015
Someone who whines so much about a particular subject to extreme annoyance of the rest of his/her audience. Supposedly sharing character traits with people that have nose bleeds after long rants. Cotton buds are sometimes used to stop the bleeding.
Ted: I refuse to listen on the latest album of x band because the simply sold out.
Jeff: Quit being such a cotton nose.
by xombz August 23, 2008
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