A think white substance that accumulates in the vaginal area due to uncleanliness. It has the appearance of cottage cheese.
All of the guys were scared to sleep with Lara because she had a bad case of cottage cheese.
by STD Free March 16, 2008
white residue found on an unwashed penis, very smelly
yes I suck cock but I don't eat cottage cheese
by Anonymous March 22, 2003
A fat, ugly, and old white guy who can't stop downing the big macs and weighs a hundred pounds, which makes his skin look all saggy. So it looks like cottage cheese.
Example 1:

Guy one: Ew look at that fat guy downing big macs!
Guy two: He's got some major cottage cheese.

Example two

Guy one: OMG! that fat ugly white guy in the speedo has some major cottage cheese!

Guy one: That fat ugly
by shea1bear January 24, 2009
when someone doesn't shower and they get a cottage cheese like substance in their foreskin. In other words really fucking nasty
Ingram is stinky and has a cottage cheese dick.
by Fiscal February 18, 2005
vaginal secretions of a largely obese woman.
With her legs spread part her cottage cheese was seeping out.
by qwerfds December 12, 2006
money made at a drug farm. Cuz the drugs are planted outside, they sell em, the money goes to the little cottage thats at the drug farm, then they buy a lotta shit with it.
I got hella cottage cheese. I been selling coke.
by bojzzle September 25, 2004
White,odorous,chunky sludge oozing from your wifes cunt by the time you get off work in the afternoon.
When i got home i was gonna fuck my wife but shed forgotten to wipe out the cottage cheeese from gettting gang banged all day by my unemployed friends.Its a rewal turn off.
by Drew Wolverton September 28, 2003

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