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white residue found on an unwashed penis, very smelly
yes I suck cock but I don't eat cottage cheese
by Anonymous March 22, 2003
Visible and pronounced cellulite
She shouldn't be wearing spandex with cottage cheese like that.
by Alicatt October 25, 2002
A replacement for the word cellulite, usually used to secretly talk about a girls cellulite behind her back. The root of the nickname stems from the texture of food itself.
Tyler- "HOLY FUCK LOOK AT THAT" (pointing at ugly chick)
Alex- "SHIIITTTEEE girls gotta nasty ass case of cottage cheese!"
Tyler- "True that mang, true dat"
Alex- "Wait we're white........."
Tyler- "Shit....."
by Alex "The Judge" October 06, 2010
The dried cum taken from scene the scene of cottaging.
The dried cum looked like cottage cheese.
by JizzMonkeyGirl August 31, 2011
Discharge from a woman's vagina during a yeast infection, resembling cottage cheese. This has nothing to do with cleanliness.
"She needs some Monistat to get rid of that cottage cheese."
by Kristina5979 April 28, 2008
A woman's ass that is large, jiggly, and contains stretch-marks.
That stripper had a bad case of cottage cheese. probably because she eats too much of the stuff.
by CurvedMirror October 24, 2008
Some chick bitch whose hamstrings and ass look like some no-name cottage cheese.

Can usually be associated with muffin top
When you see these girls (they tend to wear mini-skirts)

Yell "COTTAGE CHEESE" and run away.

no one wants to think of dairy when they are tapping that "block" from behind...
Jenny: Baby you gonna come home with me and get naughty

Conner: Girl, yous a got some COTTAGE CHEESE all over your pa-dunk-a-dunk. PEACE!
by Bobsey2 February 04, 2010
when somethin just AINT right, like you aint be feelin it all dat much u kno??
shorty up in da club dancin wit her tampon string hangin out ..shieeet DATS COTTAGE CHEESE!!!!
by Simon Fraser October 06, 2008