White,odorous,chunky sludge oozing from your wifes cunt by the time you get off work in the afternoon.
When i got home i was gonna fuck my wife but shed forgotten to wipe out the cottage cheeese from gettting gang banged all day by my unemployed friends.Its a rewal turn off.
by Drew Wolverton September 28, 2003
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Visible and pronounced cellulite
She shouldn't be wearing spandex with cottage cheese like that.
by Alicatt October 25, 2002
A replacement for the word cellulite, usually used to secretly talk about a girls cellulite behind her back. The root of the nickname stems from the texture of food itself.
Tyler- "HOLY FUCK LOOK AT THAT" (pointing at ugly chick)
Alex- "SHIIITTTEEE girls gotta nasty ass case of cottage cheese!"
Tyler- "True that mang, true dat"
Alex- "Wait we're white........."
Tyler- "Shit....."
by Alex "The Judge" October 06, 2010
Discharge from a woman's vagina during a yeast infection, resembling cottage cheese. This has nothing to do with cleanliness.
"She needs some Monistat to get rid of that cottage cheese."
by Kristina5979 April 28, 2008
The dried cum taken from scene the scene of cottaging.
The dried cum looked like cottage cheese.
by JizzMonkeyGirl August 31, 2011
A woman's ass that is large, jiggly, and contains stretch-marks.
That stripper had a bad case of cottage cheese. probably because she eats too much of the stuff.
by CurvedMirror October 24, 2008
Some chick bitch whose hamstrings and ass look like some no-name cottage cheese.

Can usually be associated with muffin top
When you see these girls (they tend to wear mini-skirts)

Yell "COTTAGE CHEESE" and run away.

no one wants to think of dairy when they are tapping that "block" from behind...
Jenny: Baby you gonna come home with me and get naughty

Conner: Girl, yous a got some COTTAGE CHEESE all over your pa-dunk-a-dunk. PEACE!
by Bobsey2 February 04, 2010
when somethin just AINT right, like you aint be feelin it all dat much u kno??
shorty up in da club dancin wit her tampon string hangin out ..shieeet DATS COTTAGE CHEESE!!!!
by Simon Fraser October 06, 2008

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