Half way between cute and hott.

More than cute, but not quite hott.
What do u think of that guy?

Hmm i guess you could say he's cott.
by sugakiss March 21, 2007
Top Definition
A situation that deserves the support of a community.
The locals’ cott the oil company for the avoidable oil spill that destroy the state coastal line.
by getcott April 05, 2015
When you're warm when the sun is shining on your skin when you're outside so you think its hot, but when you're in shade it's freezing.

Portmanteau of cold and hot.
Guy 1: 'Nice day to day, ts lovely outside!'
Guy 2: 'Nah mate. It's cott'
Guy 1: 'Fuck'
by MrLogician June 16, 2016
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