A person who loves to get goals. He'd wreck his own teammates just to get the oppertunity of shooting it wide. Thinks hes a potential 50 goal scorer. Greek beyond belief. Is a terrible team player. Washing dishes are the only things keeping him from committing suicide. Would try to dangle on a 1 on 31 rush. His head has climbed mountains. Loves wide doors. Does not share. Greediest kid in the dictionary. Easiest to get headshots on... Uses the word "clapper". Loves chatting with his mom.
Stole the cookies from the cookie jar. One of those kids that would try and dangle a 6 year old just to get his confidence up.
I'm wide open, don't pull a Costa.

I'm going to Greece soon maybe I'll see Costa.

No its not a tumour, my head is just a Costa.

Costa your a sniper!
by HeadHunter91 April 25, 2008
Top Definition
A species of human that gets belligerently drunk and fucks shit up. Usually breaks valuable things, and does not give a fuck about it. This species is constantly getting kicked out of parties, getting slapped in the face, and degrading women.
Dude this weekend I got so fucked up, I kicked in a car window, punched a glass shower door, and gizzed in a girls eye. I totally pulled costa.
by pack a fatty November 12, 2010
inability to hold your bladder
Dude, stop by a bathroom - I'm about to Costa all over my pants!!
by R 2.0 September 13, 2009
Inability to hold your bladder.
Dude, stop the car I'm about to Costa all over my pants.
by R 2.0 September 14, 2009
The act of ejaculating into someone's mouth, before vigorously waggling the penis and hissing (to mimic a the making of a Costa cappuccino) - leaving a frothy signature.
"I only asked for a skinny latte, but he gave me a Costa special."
"Dang bitch, I've been here 8 times already this week. Let me pull my dick out, this Costa's on the house!"
by cantankorarse July 19, 2013
Costa means coast in Spanish and Portuguese
Costa Blanca means white coast in Spanish and I wish I could go there
by N.K August 20, 2005
omg, hes soooooooo hottttt
omg i so want to fuck costa alll nite1!!!!!!!!
by Jamie T December 10, 2004

1)better than your dad, especially at killing things with a firearm.

2)a beard that is capable of stopping bullets
i sure wish my dad was Chris Costa...
by magpullove November 18, 2010
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