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a GUY that needs a better leather jacket but is special on the inside
u better read this costa
by THE GREAT JEW April 17, 2005
inability to hold your bladder
Dude, stop by a bathroom - I'm about to Costa all over my pants!!
by R 2.0 September 13, 2009
A species of human that gets belligerently drunk and fucks shit up. Usually breaks valuable things, and does not give a fuck about it. This species is constantly getting kicked out of parties, getting slapped in the face, and degrading women.
Dude this weekend I got so fucked up, I kicked in a car window, punched a glass shower door, and gizzed in a girls eye. I totally pulled costa.
by pack a fatty November 12, 2010
Inability to hold your bladder.
Dude, stop the car I'm about to Costa all over my pants.
by R 2.0 September 14, 2009
The act of ejaculating into someone's mouth, before vigorously waggling the penis and hissing (to mimic a the making of a Costa cappuccino) - leaving a frothy signature.
"I only asked for a skinny latte, but he gave me a Costa special."
"Dang bitch, I've been here 8 times already this week. Let me pull my dick out, this Costa's on the house!"
by cantankorarse July 19, 2013
omg, hes soooooooo hottttt
omg i so want to fuck costa alll nite1!!!!!!!!
by Jamie T December 10, 2004

1)better than your dad, especially at killing things with a firearm.

2)a beard that is capable of stopping bullets
i sure wish my dad was Chris Costa...
by magpullove November 18, 2010
Costa means coast in Spanish and Portuguese
Costa Blanca means white coast in Spanish and I wish I could go there
by N.K August 20, 2005