1) Contraction for costume

2) Car development see cosworth
Swimming cossie

The cossie zoomed past that BMW
by Kung-fu Jesus June 26, 2004
Top Definition
Swimming costume, togs (UK and Australia)
She can't go for a swim because she forgot her cossies :-(
by MonteZuma May 17, 2004
Referring to a number of vehicles built by Ford and tuned by Cosworth for the purposes of touring car or rally racing. Most notably among them are the Sierra and Escort Cosworth RS's, which featured the turbocharged 2.0L Cosworth YB series of engines, famed for their tunability.

These vehicles were made in somewhat limited quantities available with 5-speed manual tranismissions in RWD or AWD with a particular rear-wheel bias. Though they were sold primarily in Europe, a handful were exported to America as the Merkur XR4Ti, essentially a rebadged Sierra Cosworth RS; the Cossie Escort was never sold in the US.
That chav in his riced-up Leone thought he was hot shit, til I served him up pulling onto the M1 with my Cossie.
by Tarbish June 26, 2012
small furry creature; usually has mental problems. see alsowordkimbo-frog.
your swaying like a cossie mate.
by kimbo-frog May 15, 2003
a wicked car which is sadly hidden under a shed/ford shell! fuckin noisy bastards as well!
ford=shed on wheels!
if its broken, its a ford!!
by louise August 27, 2003
A souped-up car driven by Pikeys
Look at the pikeys it that max-power mota, i beyt they knicked it.
by Habbers August 12, 2003
A Car Far Inferior an XR4x4
OMG i just got shat on by an XR4x4 at the pod
by Jim August 21, 2003
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