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The act of cosplaying of a certain character with personal modifications done to suit the cosplayer, reason being, the cosplayer is too lazy to portray the character in question accurately
An example of cosplazy is a natrual blonde cosplaying as the character Sasuke Uchiha, from the series Naruto, while Sasuke's hair is originally black with blue shades. Other examples can be 'fat' versions of characters that aren't supposed to be of large body structure, or similarly, a white attempting to portray as an asian. This kind of inaccuracy is of no fault to the cosplayer in question, rather, they cannot help it, but choosing to cosplay still results in failure. Other cosplays which fall into this category are the use of wrong clothing (especially colors), alternative signature moves, and other types of selective inaccuracies.
by Official Webster's Dictionary December 27, 2007
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