Short for "costume play", a practice in Japanese adult video and idol photobooks whereby a female dresses in costume for the purpose of acting out a sexual fantasy, with particular attention to erotic costumes made popular in anime. Cosplay is differentiated from roleplay in that there is no roleplaying or acting involved, merely visual imitation of anime fantasy characters.
This Japanese girl does cosplay on her DVD, dressing as maid, nurse, nun, schoolteacher, and gothic lolita. It's sick, bro. I'm watching it again tonight with your mom.
by 1337 d00d July 01, 2005
When 70% fatass people dress like anime characters, and 30% pretty ass's dress like really cute/nice anime charcters
1) Look a fattass trying to be a little one! -points at fatass cosplayer-
by Jazmit June 22, 2006
There are two realms of Cosplay~
1.) Japanese girls (sometimes attractive) who dress up as anime characters. not that big of a deal.
2.) Fatass nasty acne ridden American social retards who dress up as anime characters except they look nothing like them because their fat ass is pouring out of the back. And YOU ARE NOT JAPANESE, YOU WILL NEVER BE. Gross.
1.) Oh look there are some attractive Japanese chicks doing cosplay.
2.) *vomits* Pease get deported.
by tnic May 30, 2005
Dressing up as an anime character.Mostly,asian girls do this.Why are caucasians trying so hard to cosplay?Its embarassing 'cause im white and I'd rather dress up as goth than cosplay as an anime character.First of all,caucasian cosplayers are fat but even the skinny ones doesn't look good in cosplay outfits.Anime characters doesn'thave narrow,unwrinkled,unfreckled and quite fair (but not pale) skin and they don't have the big pointy nose too.Asian cosplayers have wide,smooth,younger-looking skin.They have almond shaped eyes.I don't know why caucasians kept saying that they are better in cosplay than asian people.They say that anime characters have big eyes,yes they do but their eyes are still shaped like asian eyes..This is why caucasian cosplayers but eyeliners and get rid of their crease right?Anime characters don't look caucasian at all.The characters they thought look like caucasians have shiny,straight yellow (not wavy,dry blonde) hair.I mean what's wrong with that?They have characters that have pink,green and other unbelieveable hair colors right?And also,the blue eyes..other characters have different eye colors even red!So why do people kept saying that they look caucasian?If they do,how come asian people do better in cosplay?Come on people lets just leave the asians in anime/cosplay.I mean,at least were better than asians in punk/emo/goth/halloween outfits!
John:I love asian cosplayers!
Michael:Yeah,but i love caucasian goths!

asians have eyes like anime characters too like this <_ _>
while,caucasians have this (_ _)
by lindsay_yeah December 29, 2007
Fancy Dress at a comic/anime/sci-fi convention. Labelled "cosplay" because the participants know exactly how stupid it is to be playing fancy dress-up games at their age, and calling it something else throws civillians of the track for a while.
Jake: Hey man, do you wanna dress up in wacky zany crazy fancy-dress attire at the next anime convention?

Jimmy: You mean like those stupid cosplay freaks?

Jake: yeah...

by benjiboy March 23, 2005
Just plain queer. Excuse for effiminate men to wear dresses and put on makeup.
Cosplayers are best cured with soap and a Bible.
by Betterthanyouguy March 26, 2005
Cosplay is when you kind of be or pretend to be someone else. You put on makeup if you need to. You have to look like the character you are cosplaying. For example cosplay as hatsune miku you need a wig and makeup along with eye contacts. You can cosplay as anyone or anything. It's like dressing up. You also have to act like the character you are cosplaying as. Like if your character was Cold and greedy then tou have to act that way. If your character is Kind and shy then act that way. So act like you are the character. If you were cosplaying as hatsune miku then act like YOU ARE Hatsune Miku.
Person: I'm cosplaying as Naruto!
Kpoplover123: I'm cosplaying as Nana from afterschool <3
Cat12: I'm cosplaying as Mine from Akame ga kill.
by AKCT June 10, 2016
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