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Short for 'Costume-play." More or less the act of dressing up as an anime oor video game character. Popular among anime fans and teenage Japanese girls.
"I want to have sex with Japanese girls who dress up as anime characters (cosplay)."
by DesPERRYado October 16, 2005
In Japan, "cosplay" or "costume play" seems to mean no more than "wearing a costume or something that looks like a costume". If somebody is walking around dolled-up or in a funny-looking outfit, everybody just calls them a cosplayer.
I have heard Japanese people refer to Visual kei artists as "cosplay pretty boys". And they are obviously not dressed up as anime characters.

Lolita fashion is originally NOT cosplay, but a legitimate fashion. Is Goth cosplay?
by Kuroloki June 30, 2006
Abbreviated for Costume Play

Mostly used for Anime and Comic fans that like to dress up as their favorite characters and go to conventions or other themed events. The costumes are usually home made and will include all the accessories the characters has (weapons, luggage, pets, etc) . Strangely, it’s not uncommon to see Males dress up as female characters and Females dress up like Male characters.

Sadly, 90% of them look like big fucking dorks, mostly because THEY ARE big fucking dorks, meanwhile the other 10% who are always female look pretty hot in an almost fetish manner.
I can’t wait for Anime Expo 2006! i've got my cosplay almost ready to go! I’m gonna dress up like one of the demons from Legend of The Overfiend! I just hope I can find enough dildos!
by Mr Wall January 09, 2006
Cosplay is a portmanteau of the words costume and roleplay. Generally, depressed lifeless Japanese wannabees tend to dress up in shoddy costumes ordered on the internet, before running to their towns dressed in a white wig, claiming to be the ultimate bishie (Sephiroth), and stealing the pudding from the town.
After the teenagers that spoke in a strange combination of Japanese and English attacked the town, no pudding was left. The townspeople were to only eat applesauce that night.

by Wanghis November 15, 2008
Short for "costume play", a practice in Japanese adult video and idol photobooks whereby a female dresses in costume for the purpose of acting out a sexual fantasy, with particular attention to erotic costumes made popular in anime. Cosplay is differentiated from roleplay in that there is no roleplaying or acting involved, merely visual imitation of anime fantasy characters.
This Japanese girl does cosplay on her DVD, dressing as maid, nurse, nun, schoolteacher, and gothic lolita. It's sick, bro. I'm watching it again tonight with your mom.
by 1337 d00d July 01, 2005
When 70% fatass people dress like anime characters, and 30% pretty ass's dress like really cute/nice anime charcters
1) Look a fattass trying to be a little one! -points at fatass cosplayer-
by Jazmit June 22, 2006
There are two realms of Cosplay~
1.) Japanese girls (sometimes attractive) who dress up as anime characters. not that big of a deal.
2.) Fatass nasty acne ridden American social retards who dress up as anime characters except they look nothing like them because their fat ass is pouring out of the back. And YOU ARE NOT JAPANESE, YOU WILL NEVER BE. Gross.
1.) Oh look there are some attractive Japanese chicks doing cosplay.
2.) *vomits* Pease get deported.
by tnic May 30, 2005