An alcoholic beverage that mixes vodka and tang.

Tang = An astronaut's favorite.
Vodka = Russian alcohol
Cosmonaut = Russian astronaut.

Hence Tang + Vodka = Cosmonaut.
Man, Mike is so white trash. He was drinking cosmonauts in the middle of the afternoon yesterday.
by Amystopheles July 12, 2007
Top Definition
An astronaut of Russia(or the former Soviet Union) is called a "cosmonaut". The word was derived from "kosmos"(universe) and "nautes"(sailor/navigator).
American space travelers are astronauts; Russian space travelers are cosmonauts; Chinese space travelers are taikonauts.
by DQ October 22, 2003
A Russian astronaut.
"We Americans have astronauts, and the Russians have cosmonauts. No real difference."
by Dave September 13, 2004
The premiere person of their chosen field of study.
"He's was like a cosmonaut of criminal masterminds."
by E. Badman October 24, 2005
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