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An alcoholic beverage that mixes vodka and tang.

Tang = An astronaut's favorite.
Vodka = Russian alcohol
Cosmonaut = Russian astronaut.

Hence Tang + Vodka = Cosmonaut.
Man, Mike is so white trash. He was drinking cosmonauts in the middle of the afternoon yesterday.
by Amystopheles July 12, 2007
4 9
An astronaut of Russia(or the former Soviet Union) is called a "cosmonaut". The word was derived from "kosmos"(universe) and "nautes"(sailor/navigator).
American space travelers are astronauts; Russian space travelers are cosmonauts; Chinese space travelers are taikonauts.
by DQ October 22, 2003
47 16
A Russian astronaut.
"We Americans have astronauts, and the Russians have cosmonauts. No real difference."
by Dave September 13, 2004
29 6
The premiere person of their chosen field of study.
"He's was like a cosmonaut of criminal masterminds."
by E. Badman October 24, 2005
4 16