Creation Our Saviour Humanitarian Association
this is derived from ones need to understand religion/needs etc.not one myself for churchs nor been dictated to yet would like to be part of a caring society without been bombasted for carnal thoughts etc. it is good to have all your emotions without fear.can also be suffixed with a 1.ie cosha1 meaning cool person etc. somebody or thing that is COSHA is creative, without been malicious or with any attempt to be harmful
What is/are C.O.S.H.A? (a group of people who do good things etc).

I/you are a COSHA person or thing for our good benefit. to aspire to

cosha(1)a cool person/thing, makes you feel good, without harming others etc.
by JOHN ALAN ELSON February 27, 2008
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Top Definition
this means safe say u want to do a crime u have to make sure the area is cosha
1)dont worry no one saw us it was cosha
by xbabygurlx June 27, 2005
A word that can replace 'cool', it has a very simialr meaning to 'cool'
"Woah, thats cosha"
"Your so cosha =]"
by FiNDLAY December 04, 2007

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