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After driving along a 2 lane road, to pass the line of cars in front of you on the right when the road spreads out to 4 lanes at intersections.
I cosgroved 2 cars at the intersection.

I had a 3 cosgrove at the intersection (I passed 3 cars on the right).

I had a negative cosgrove at the intersection (cars passed me)
by raul luar July 29, 2010
A dirty smelly fuck that is fat and lazy.
I'd rather hang out with a dead maggot covered rat in a trashcan than Cosgrove..
by Oreo Smuttz May 17, 2013
A fetish in which a man is turned on by watching videos of his own child birth.
Mom: Bob what are you watching?
Bob: The day I was born.
Mom: Can I come in.
Bob: NO!! Hold on....
Bob: I can't help it! I'm a cosgrove.
by brooklyn heights 3021 February 11, 2006
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