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Or simply The Cosbys, used as a euphemism for shit. Often in conjunction with a similar euphemism for toilet - the pool
I'll be back in a bit, gotta drop the Cosby kids off at the pool.
by grasshoppers January 20, 2003
188 33
pieces of shit
...speakin' of logs, I gotta go take the Cosby Kids down to the river.
by erice February 14, 2003
76 26
can be used as a metaphor for shit while talking about deficating.
I had to drop the cosby kids off at the swimming pool.
by mike March 16, 2004
62 25
When you have to go take a shit.
Hold on dude, I've got to go make some CosbyKids.
by Steve4122323453 March 25, 2008
3 1
Another name for a terd.
I just went to the bathroom to drop off the cosby kids.
by Greggy Wadd March 03, 2005
30 29
1. When a man places his penis in the hand of an old woman suffering from parkinson's disease and the natural parkinson's movements of the woman's hand arouses the man's penis to the point of ejaculation.
"Good ol' cosby kids"
by diarrhea hard-on January 13, 2010
12 37