church of satan.
by ... July 01, 2003
Curse of Shadows. A spell used by the warlocks in World of Warcraft.
Put CoS on him, naab!
by Göran February 23, 2007
It means change of subject. It is used more in the mediated communication genres such as texting, pming, iming, emailing, smsing, picture messaging, blogging, and ect...
Lisa Smith: Do these pants make my butt look fat?
John Smith: Hey babe, COS, we are going to be late if we don't leave right now!
by Ms. Busa November 16, 2009
Cup. Of. Sugar. A definition for a girl that is so hot that you would actually date her. You would go to her dorm/residence and make the excuse "i just needed to barrow a cup of sugar" because she is so hot.
Guy #1: Dude I went over to that cos's house today
Guy #2: really? she is so hot.. good for you
by rubydoo February 03, 2010
It means the passing of stool. Its origin is derived from Bill Cosby.
"Yo man I gotta drop a cos!"
by HFC Tru September 08, 2007
a term in Hebrew for "cup"
Miriam has a big cos.
by Johnny February 21, 2004
a runescape clan, that likes to explore each others dungeons, also means "Council Of Saradomin"
person 1: dude, we went to war with you guys last night, you guys raped us! Cos: why, yes we did
by akwardsaw February 27, 2009

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