The last true American muscle car that isn't an embarrassment to American muscle (see: Ford Mustang, challenger/charger, and/or heavy loud piece of shit. The corvette will effortlessly eat a import, or any mustang, in one bite; then shit it out, then wipe it's ass with any dodge sports car. If you know anything about chevy corvette, you obviously know that imports are expensive jokes, and fords are 2 ton tanks that are built to look good, go in a straight line(doing so much slower than vettes), but most of all, they were put on this earth to simply give the corvette another car to embarrass. Some mustang drivers will say that they can get their car to be as fast as a Z06 corvette... As suprizing as it may be, this is possible. It is possible to take the fastest mustang made, put everything you can under the hood, spend twice as much as you bought the piece of shit for, then keep racking up the bill in maintaining the money trap, then after ALLLLLLLLL that, it might be close to as fast as a stock Z06 C6 that you could have just bought for a fraction of the price in the first place. no matter what they say, they can't argue with facts. And the facts are obvious; ford will never truly beat the vette, and imports.... Ha. Let's just say imports and fords both have no place fuckin with the big boys. They should stay down on the level in which they belong; always and forever BELOW corvette.
Mustang driver: "hey do u think we should race that corvette?"

Mustang passenger: "no dude wtf your stupid there are people around!"
Mustang driver:" so? Nobody will call the cops"

Mustang passenger: " no shit, it will just be embarrassing! It's a vette dude are u fucking stupid? U should kill yourself"

Corvette driver: "poor kids"

Mustang driver: "dude let's race this vette!!!"
Corvette driver: "I wonder why these kids in that POS mustang are reving their engine, I don't think they give licenses to retarded people, so surely they wouldn't want to race me"

Mustang passenger: "yeah dude floor it, he want to race!!"

Mustang driver: " it's floored! Shit he might beat us! "

Corvette driver: " wow I think they are retarded, they are trying to race me. Maybe I should shift out of second gear, looks like their car might be able to hit 80"

Mustang driver: " dude, where the fuck did that vette go?"

Corvette driver: " hmmm I don't see them anywhere on the freeway behind me, their POS must have finally broke down... Smh. Fucking fords. "
by FuckFordGetVette October 13, 2011
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best car ever made, no imports stand a chance against them and if you think you can take on a corvette with your rice burner than you have no idea what you are getting your self into.
Honda driver: o shit its a corvette i better get the fuck out of here
Corvette driver: yeah you better leave, pussy
by kyle July 11, 2004
What you COULD have bought after you flushed all that dough down the toilet putting after-market shit all over a Honda Civic.
Owner of the fastest Civic in the world:" Wow, I could've had a V8!"
Owner of a Corvette: (Could not be reached for comment because the Civic couldn't catch the Vette)
by I smell rice burning! June 04, 2003
An American made car, produced by Chevrolet. Characterized by its sharklike styling and, in modern guise, rear-wheel drive layout powered by GM's small block. Competent in handling/cornering, braking, acceleration. In Z06 guise, this vehicle can hang with even the best through the turns with outstanding braking and producing over 1.0G of lateral acceleration.
'Vette owner: That's really too bad that the kid thought my car couldn't corner as well as his Nissan Skyline R-34.

Traffic Cop: Yeah, I know. Nissan hasn't really had any success running the R390 in any competition, yet Chevrolet has been dominating with its C5-R. Oh well, let's go unwrap his poor toy from around that lightpost ... *sigh* ... these kids really should stick to front-wheel drive cars.

'Vette Owner : tell me about it
by opium June 23, 2003
Destroyer of japanese cars which are twice its cost.(including skyline and NSX)

This has been proven by roadNtrack and carNdriver
The nsx was beaten by the z06 in every category, the fanboys cried.
by Carlover October 30, 2003
A car that has never been used to deliver pizza. Unlike Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans and Mazdas.
Go pizza boy, 30 minutes or its free.
by SuperFast80 October 24, 2003
An American muscle car that has withstood the tests of time. Fast,ellegant and cheap, the Corvette is more then a show car. The Z06 model comes in at about $55,000.00, witch is $45,000.00 less then a porsche or similar exoctic. The car can hand;le the car can accelearate. i own a Mazda RX-7..but I would the vette anyday. Wether your a ricer or a gear head one thing holds true...THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT
by Anonymous July 14, 2003

1. A fast warship that is usually smaller than a frigate but larger than patrol craft. These ships are generally well-armed and in use mostly by smaller navies that do not need or cannot afford larger warships. Corvettes generally carry enough firepower to sink ships many times its size, and can thus provide navies with a symetrical response to a threat for asymetrical cost. They do not have the endurance of larger ships and are therefore not suited for long-term operations (with the possible exception of Israeli corvettes, which, due to their prohibition from the Suez Canal, must travel all the way around Africa to reach their operating areas in the Red Sea).

NATO standard designations are: FS (corvette), and FSG (guided misslie corvette).

1. Corvettes are the largest ships in most Middle Eastern navies, including Israel, Iran and Oman.
by thaks April 10, 2006
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