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The spoken language of the natives of Cortland, Ohio that only comes out after midnight, usually on weekends, and ironically after more than a few beverages are consumed. There are many different forms of it, but they all stem from the same roots. Special note: Only other Cortland natives can pick this gibberish out of a crowd of hundreds and understand the conversation.
Cortland native #1 "Gahh, turkey take it, gobble, gobble!"
Cortland native #2 "Contagion and a mushroom potato cloud!"
random guy "They must be speaking cortlandese because I have no idea what they just said."
Cortland native #3 "bawwh, berkabecka. Tell me, does this smell like onions?"
by Iluvpotatoesandsodoesyourmom February 10, 2012
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