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Females in the Navy Hospital Corps who give out pussy as often as they take vital signs, which is approximately every 5-15 minutes,to sailors or marines.
Marine: Hey Doc, did you see that new petty officer that works at the hospital.
Corpsman:yeah, i banged her already. she's a total corps whore.
Marine:any chance i can get in on that?
Corpsman:Definately Marine. All i did was ask her to check my blood pressure.
by docwilliedynamite April 24, 2007
A corps whore is a girl who is known to fuck or date the cadets at the Citadel, Military Institute of South Carolina. Usually applied to a girl who fucks multiple cadets but can be applied to girls who are dating a cadet. These girls usually have a military fetish, low self-esteem, or are just sluts in general.
Cadet #1 I'm looking to get laid tonight, got any corps whore's number I can hit up?

Cadet #2 Yeah, totally fucked on last week.
by NatalieCole April 25, 2011

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