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v. 1. Originating during the arcade fighter craze in America in the early 90's, a phrase; which is most commonly used and attributed to the Capcom game Street Fighter II, that describes a player using the maximum right or left of the screen's playing area to trap their opponent with little means of escape, to which they are capable of holding an unfair advantage through repetitive offensive attacks, character balance exploits, and/or "turtling" to achieve a "cheap" or "cheesy" easy win during a round, commonly ending with the opponent failing to maneuver away from the attack, or the opponent being unable to sustain any more block damage from Super or Special moves.

note: In Street Fighter Alpha 2, a victory icon was introduced in the form of a small cheese wedge, which was designed sardonically in honor of the predominance of "cheese" in the fighting game genre, which is awarded to the winner of a round who defeats their opponent using a Super or Special move while they are blocking.

Inflected Forms: corner cheesed, corner cheesing, corner cheeser
"I only lost that round because I got caught by his corner cheese."

"That guy ain't all that good, he just corner cheesed me with his Ryu."

"I'm not playing him, he's just a corner cheesing pattern punk."
by TheWarlock July 06, 2005
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