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Older generation word for those who tend to hangabout on street corners (my dad used to use this one!)
Stop getting involved with those corner boys!
Boys growing up in urban areas whose circumstances compel them to sell drugs on the corners.
Michael, Namond, Duquan and Randy are the main four corner boys portrayed with devastating brilliance by in season four of The Wire
by TheExpatreneur January 19, 2015
(n) A person from Cornerbrook, Newfoundland.
Buddy's just an old Cornerboy, me son.
by Heptune May 11, 2005
A mischievous invisible noob said by online first-person gamers to cause unexpected kills, high blood pressure and rage quits.
“Can someone kill fucking corner-boy, he’s camping near the B flag.”
by William Grit 1 February 11, 2015
Someone who stands up for you when you need it, someone who always has your back. People answer to them when you end up sad.
If you want a piece of me, you'll have to talk to my Corner Boy.
by YourEmoNightmare March 04, 2004
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