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Roasted or deep-fried corn (maize). A very crunchy snack food, often eaten with beer. Not, in fact, actually a nut.
Oh sorry, I ate all the ranch-flavored corn nuts.
by Bill Koch February 01, 2007
A decaying, brown-mouth full of heinously rotten teeth accompanied by the rank oder of rancid food particles.
He leaned in to kiss her ever so gently.

Girl says, "Ugh! You need to go to the dentist and fix those Corn Nuts!"

"That's the filthiest grin I've ever seen. Look at those Corn Nuts!"
by PoPoMcCo January 30, 2008
A tasty snack invented 1936 as a beer accessory. Some really unintelligent red necks believe that corn nuts are in fact, a nut, when realistically- they are deep fried corn... many individuals who confuse corn nuts as actual nuts, also believe that ONLY peanuts can be made into a nutty butter form...
these individuals are called sean's.
"hi my name is sean"
"oh, in which case, you must know nothing about fine road trip cuisine ..specifically corn nuts"
by EmilyLouiseCW February 18, 2008
a corn nut is a small piece of hair sticking out on the side of your head.
"fuck my corn nuts are popping out"
by cocopuffs1122 June 10, 2014
when a straight OR gay male, places his erectoral function into another female OR male's anus and bobs up and down as if he were an oompa loompa cuz "I don't like the look of it". Or just plainly.... sticking your nuts into a corn-hole.
Straight Version:
Brandon:Dude I totally banged this chick all night long!
Luke: Oh yeah! What did you do to her?
Brandon: I totally Corn Nutted her!
Gay Version:
Marky: Guess what I did to you last night?!?
Cory: Oh my god! What?
Marky: I gave you my Corn Nuts!
Cory: Eeewie!
by hisroyalfreshness1 April 15, 2009
Cornnuts: The act of licking the cornhole as well as the nuts in one mighty gulp.
"She loves cornnuts, she will go from the crack to the sack and all the way back."
by kidbaki May 17, 2009
A silly person; an affectionate derogative used to describe childish or dork like behavior.
Jimmy is such a corn nut! He always steals my buttons during Chemistry.
by mandy October 02, 2003
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