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A game played by throwing a beanbag into a hole on a tilted board. Seen on Univ. of KY campus.
They were playing cornhole, but he just couldn't throw it in.
by Wordy One April 13, 2009
504 463
To stick your wang in her ass
Dude I corn holed his wife last night.
by Ali T April 03, 2003
161 129
American Slang for the anus. Originated from the use of corn husks as primitive toilet paper in Colonial days. Mainly used in the South and Midwest.
Man One: Agghhh! My corn hole itches like hell!
Man Two: Dude, wipe your ass better next time!
by TreeAnt January 07, 2009
79 53
To get bonked in the butt
George W. is cornholing the country!
by anonymous June 27, 2003
70 58
a game that is normaly played between 2 men, and one of them leaves with a sore pail.
dude, those guys who play corn hole are a real pain in the ass..
by j-tizzle my dizzle September 27, 2010
33 24
Just another name for Miley Cyrus.
*Laughing* Look at that cornhole twerking!
by affordable_felony October 01, 2013
13 8
I stuck my penis in her corn hole.
by anonymous June 23, 2003
80 79