The vegetable that can be eaten twice, maybe even three times if you are lucky
I some corn tuesday for lunch, then I ate it again wednesday morning when I saw it again
by Amir May 19, 2004
an evil doctor named Tomomi
Evil Dr. Corn I'm out to get you!
by migosho! February 25, 2003
Northern San Francisco Bay Area slang term for Mexican migrant workers.

The fucking corn stole my taco again!
#mexican #beaner #corn #napa #slang #migrant #worker
by LoveIreland August 11, 2008
A covert word spoken quickly and quietly when a younger women - very cute, hot and well dressed for a warm summer day is close by. Used when you know your friend doesn't see her.

Usually spoken is succession because it wasn't heard the first time. The direction is coyly pin pointed with the head and eyes.
Jack - "Corn"

John - "What?"

Jack - "Corn"

John (to himself)- "wow! She is HOT!"
#sexy #hot #delicious #beautiful #pretty
by imaj65 July 14, 2008
A girl so fine, you would eat the corn out of her shit.
"Damn, that bitch is more corn than the green giant!"
#korn #green #cob #stalk #corny
by bigtoe@yofoot March 01, 2006
Alternate name for a girl with corn-blond hair.
"Dayum, look at that corn! She's bangin'!"
by MiloBazzat February 11, 2005
A shortened version of the word cornhole
"I stuck it in your mom's corn."
by jim bob krew September 20, 2004
Something lame. Used similarly to corny.
Person 1: "I can't believe Natalie can read these romance novels..."

Person 2: "Haha...corn."
by Becky March 30, 2004
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