The vegetable that can be eaten twice, maybe even three times if you are lucky
I some corn tuesday for lunch, then I ate it again wednesday morning when I saw it again
by Amir May 19, 2004
A term refering to a woman is so attractive, so utterly jaw-droppingly gorgeous, that if she asked you to you would gladly eat the corn out of her shit.
A: Dude, Janet Reno is CORN.

B: Dude. What the fuck.
by Greg August 12, 2003
adj; confused or surprised
Dude, you looked corn when the alligator ate your shoe.
#confusion #scared #shoked #surprised #wierded out
by candaaaaay November 08, 2006
Common street name for cocaine.
Dude, I need some corn.
You know where I can get a corn-bag?
#coke #blow #chowder #white #ski #sauce #lady
by Stamos September 30, 2005
usually used to described the physical assets of a female in much the same was as hot or sexy.
that bitch at that party last week was corn.
by stoney2007 August 25, 2005
In some parts of the south it means anal sex
hey babey want to have some corn.
by Overseer April 08, 2005
Slang for a low income Hispanic person. Also see Mexicorn.
Man, corns make the best tortillas.
by Bud E Love May 02, 2003
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