The vegetable that can be eaten twice, maybe even three times if you are lucky
I some corn tuesday for lunch, then I ate it again wednesday morning when I saw it again
by Amir May 19, 2004
Acronym for "Clean Out (the) Refrigerator Night." Used to describe a dinner of leftovers.
"I'm taking it easy tonight. Dinner is going to be C.O.R.N."
by Gator Pam February 22, 2007
A person that is so beautiful and mind blowing, that you would eat the corn out of their poop.
That Sara chick is corn!
by January 20, 2004
A yellow vegetable, that sometimes, even if never eaten, may come out whole in your poop.
WTF? When did I eat corn???
by Plopperslop August 07, 2011
A person (man or woman) originating from Mexico that never tries to learn english and never becomes americanized no matter how long they have lived in the U.S.
The laundry mat was overflowing with corns.
by Bootch143 April 28, 2011
1. To spit game or sauce on a lanelle.
2. To get high as two rats fucking in a wool sock.
3. The male reproductive organ.
1. "Freddie was corning hard on that hoe"
2. "i got corn by the foot, babeee!!"
by Jew-Gold December 14, 2010
a mess, stupid,slow on all levels
You so corn man.
by Christian A. M. November 30, 2009
Someone who is obviously full of shit.
That man is such a corn it's ridiculous
by SLeyva July 10, 2008
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