A name for Korea that you must use with Koreans unless you want them to get VANK to send you millions of protest letters.
Me: Oh, I love Korea.

Korean: No you dumb Yankee, it's Corea! The Japanese imperialists blah,blah,blah...Dokdo, blah...East Sea of Korea, blah...
by dudeinwales October 22, 2006
Top Definition
The original spelling of that particular country until the Japanese colonization from 1910-1945. Japan basically wanted the "K" to go after their country's name alphabetically. Note that Spanish, French and other european langauge use "C" for Corea instead of "K" for the dumb-second class english speaking countries.
Yankee: I have visited "K"orea last summer.
Me: It's not "K"orea idiot, it's spelled Corea, get it straight!!
by Joe Cho March 11, 2006
noun, uncountable and countable
a food made of thin flat round bread, baked with kimchi and dog meat on top
1) a slice of corea
2) Let's go to corea!
by Abajian August 24, 2005
Corea-Korea is simply difference between Latin languages and English/German.
Why the spelling changed Corea to Korea in early 20th century was gaining of English language states influence such as GB,US.
Korea:Old map published in London 1764
by Nobita May 25, 2005
Original spelling (since 19th century in history books, maps etc.) of Korea. However during Japanese occupation of Korea (1910-1945), the Japanese imperialists changed the K to C to prevent Corea coming before Japan in the alphabetical lineup of nations.

Many countries such as France, Spain, Italy and Brazil never accepted "K" spelling while it is generally accepted in English speaking countries.
During World Cup 2002, Korean supporters used "C" spelling on their various props such as scarves and banners.
by ukparody December 03, 2004
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