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A girl groupie (typical with gauges, colored hair, and piercings) who listens to Metalcore/Deathcore bands such as Attila, Asking Alexandria, Attack! Attack!, Pierce the Veil, Motionless In White, and Suicide Silence. She will try to get with anybody in a local core band and usually is in a different relationship every month.
"Collin don't date Ariel, she is a Core Whore who was just banging one of the members of this stupid metalcore band that opened up for my band last weekend."
by Thrashssacre April 24, 2015
one who excessively listens to any form of hardcore music, to the point that everyone wants to kill them
Jesus, Jim has to start listening to some real music befor I kill that core whore
by bunk baird October 09, 2007

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