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An amazing girl who is very wanted and is very smart! Will most likely end up with the girl she chooses. She is the most amazing,beautiful, and smart girl ever.
Wow shes a cordia
by omqnarwhals January 24, 2014
1. An early model mitsubishi sports car. Boast 1.8L or 2L turbo engines and are "popular" due to the engine's high power capabilities. Defining characteristics include a recognisable yet nauseatingly ugly, square hatchback body and completely faulty engines. Cordia Drivers are generally recognisable as extremely irritable and confrontational due to their inability to maintain a funcitoning car.
2. Often used to describe something's inability to operate.
3. Dodgey or suspect.
4. Refers to an abomination or
1. The cordia was beaten by the skyline
2. He could not call home as his phone cordiaed.
3. The police arrested the drug dealer in a cordia part of town.
4. The thousands who died in Melbourne's cordia will be mourned for decades.
by WRX4LYF June 01, 2006
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