The most boring place in South Florida where a "fun night out" is either going to Target or The Walk (has Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, a makeout spot behind a dog store, and a nearby Denny's). As there is nothing to do, most people are potheads, drunks, and/or sex addicts. If not, you have no life.
All the guys are into skateboarding, BMXing, being "hardcore" or playing sluts.
All the girls think they are photographers, are obsessed with Twilight, and only wear name brands.
Wanna head over to Coral Springs?
Sure, let's take pictures in Target and then sit in the kid's section of Barnes & Noble.
by lolzimkewl(: March 14, 2011
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Springs, uptown broward- A small developing city.Neighborhoods from rich to poor.from the hills to riverside and Woodside.Uprised from ft. Lauderdale about 45 years ago. it is a city growing more urban and crime overrun everyday.A city that has nothing to do so it is more overpopulated with drug dealers,alcoholics,base heads,gangs and sex addicts than ever.
come to coral springs its a chill place to live.
by puhswaydoneum November 10, 2008
Coral Springs is the town I live in. It Sucks. Your parents etheir hate you or are way too over protective. In my 7th grade class most of us have had sex, cut, do drugs, smoke.
The kids like me are bullied. No one likes living here. Its like prison.
I dont need an exsample do i? Coral springs sucks!
by IHateLife102 December 26, 2011
a place where girls only have dress code nooo brains.
Yeah nigga where u stay at
coral springs
damnnn da girls dere r fine asss fuckk
by Rudje March 31, 2008
1. Upscale suburb of Ft. Lauderdale, FL
2. See white compton

Also known as "the springs" or just "springs."
"yo yo yo 9-5-fo represent 'cause we gangstas!"
by Lucy C. July 03, 2005

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