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A perfect example of a way to scam people.
Bob: Guess what? My epic video of me burning Justin Bieber's CD got me a YouTube strike because of copyright.
Ted: WTF? Seriously? They are such money and attention seekers!
by Frankias August 27, 2012
Make sure you don't mess up the stuff you're stealing.
"I have to copy this right."
by Stefan Degeest May 18, 2003
1. A seal of authenticity to avoid having one's idea and/or product stolen or ripped-off by others. This usually has no influence on secondary markets.

2. The modern definition is abused and tossed around by stupid teenagers without the knowledge that you have to buy a copyright before their said item is actually protected.
1. A small Chinese store breaks the copyright of Hasbro/Takara Transformers by repainting them different colors and calling them "Changeformers".

2. "Look at my crappy Photoshop image, LoL. Copieright by me, 2005."
by Gigan July 20, 2005