(n) A louse, derived from the Malay word, kudu.
One of my classmates spread cooties to everyone in my second grade class.
by Heptune May 11, 2005
Top Definition
non-medical germs, that are spread by contact by touch, usually among schoolkids.

can be protected by a 'cootie shot', which involves tracing a 'circle, circle, dot, dot-- now you've got a cootie shot' on the palm of the hand.
eww, i can't believe kevin touched me! that was so gross and boys have cooties!
by lette November 24, 2003
a pseudo-germ or false disease that children use to avoid or tease one another. Theorized to have come from a child's misinterpretation of a slang word "cootie" meaning vagina.
Boy: Dad, what's a cootie?
Dad: ...uh...well, it's something that all girls have.
Boy: Ewww, girls have cooties!
by Otaku2100 June 03, 2005
Contagious mental disease spread by contact of skin though genders, mainly contracted in begining grades. Side effects are public humiliation.
Jason got cooties because he touched Brittany!
by benormous August 29, 2005
Slang term meaning pussy or vagina
"Dude that chick gotta have the nicest cootie ever!"
by $mitty May 13, 2006
gross germs that infect only boys!
Jason has lots of cooties!!!
by katheryn vicki May 18, 2005
A childlike way of saying something or someone is a cutie.

Alternative of saying in regards to something appealing and attractive be it a person or thing in variance of the word cutie.
He's a cootie

She's a cootie

Now that's a cootie!
by neyes September 14, 2010

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