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1. v usually when dancing, when a man pulls the reach around to rub the genitalia cooter, over or under the pants.
2. n a very sexy male, who you know is a douchebag, snatches your cooters attention even though you know it is wrong
Shit got wild once he cootersnatched me at the frat house.
by Lindsey09 January 19, 2011
A vagina!!!!! Plain and simple.
If you plan on having your dick sucked, then you better plan on eating some cooter snatch!!!!!
by Chanel aka Spamdelight September 11, 2006
A vagina. Commonly used in the midwest.
I had sex with my date last night. Her cootersnatch was mine for the taking, Russel!
by West Zephyr September 07, 2003
Universal meaning. Like the word fuck.
You're such a cootersnatch.

Did you have a cootersnatching good weekend?

I'm going to cootersnatch, be right back.
by negro April 11, 2005